Solitude Wool, being grateful then off to the market…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Personally, I’m going nuts trying to put the house/life back together before Thursday (and no doubt it will be good enough, deadlines are oh so effective). In spite of the fact that I’m not behaving like it, I know Thanksgiving isn’t about a clean house, or a turkey. I will be trying to stop and consider how incredibly much I have to be thankful for. The list is long including the wonderful people in my life, the farm and animals, a great business partner (thank you Sue!), excellent help (thank you Debbie, Susan, Bill, Deborah, Caroline, Ava, Ben…Alice, Connie, Cheryl, Dave and John), a great landlord (thank you Endless Summer Harvest) and especially all our customers and supporters (happily way too long to list, but thank you each and all).

This is a good start and I can refine and expand my gratefullness over the next two days.

Then it’s back to work! Hope to see you if you are here over the weekend. We will be at the Falls Church Farmers market on Saturday and the Dupont Circle, DC Farmers market on Sunday.

Bringing: Romney, Shropshire double twist, the Corriedale/Corrie cross, Leicester Lonwool/Border Leicester, Alpaca/Merino, preview yarns: Montadale Woolen, Montadale baby and Cotswold lace, odds & ends, prepared roving for spinning and felting.

Plus, if you are looking for a fabulous gift for someone, we do have Susan Burke original felted bucket bags…or yarn makes a pretty fabulous gift too.

Hope you have a warm, wonderful Thanksgiving.


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