As the sun sets at Solitude…

Who’s smarter?

I honestly wonder about this often.

It has been an unexpected but most welcome return to October weather these last few days. I have been going as fast as I can to take advantage of it. Dyeing yarn, working on several different yarns

including our new baby yarn…rinsing yarn, drying yarn, dyeing more yarn etc etc

and, doing some good farm things: trimming hooves (boy is that a good thing to have done before the finger freezing time arrives), filling feed bins, cleaning out the milking parlour (what a terrible mess it was!). Joan worked in the garden, raked leaves, mowed (!) and harvested lots of kale, lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots, beets. All the beds under cover got uncovered and watered and are now covered up again.

And we didn’t even get to several things we wanted to, changing light bulbs at the barn and outside the house, hanging the double suet feeder and figuring out how to keep the racoon from stealing it.

So the sun is setting and I head out with camera and it makes me look. The animals are all cooled out, just enjoying this brief warm up. I’m pooped, and now the warm up is over. I didn’t miss it, but somehow I don’t think I got as much out of it as they did.

Back to all three markets again this weekend

Sue and Bill will be heading to Leesburg Farmers Market this Saturday again and I will be doing the Falls Church Farmers Market on Saturday and the Dupont Circle Farmers Market on Sunday (if it doesn’t rain).

This week will be just the opposite of last week:

Leesburg customers will get to see Karakul, Tunis, Targhee 3-ply, Border Leicester aran weight, Border Leicester sport weight, Corriedale bulky, Tunis/alpaca plus the new preview yarns and the alpaca/Merino lace.

Falls Church and Dupont get Romney, Shropshire double twist, Corriedale/Corrie cross, Targhee 2-ply, Border Leicester bulky, Icelandic, Suffolk/Dorset sock plus the new preview yarns and the alpaca/Merino lace.

Hope you all got to enjoy some of the weather half as much as the farm animals did!


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