Leesburg encore, farmers markets and Clara Parkes

Good Morning!

Okay, I’m trying to set the tone for my day: efficient but thorough and maintaining good cheer. Here goes:

1. You all were so appreciative of Solitude Wool at the Leesburg HomeGrown markets the last two Saturdays that Sue wants to come back this Saturday too.

2. I will be at the Falls Church Farmers market on Saturday (looks solid) and the Dupont FreshFarm market on Sunday. Once again, the weather on Sunday sounds wet, but I hope it comes in late. If we can’t come to any market, look for a message on the home page by 6:00am that day. And if we are not able to come, free shipping on all web site or phone orders for that day… no matter where you happen to live (as long as it’s in the lower 48 states).

3. Special things coming to market: three new small felted bucket bags by Sue Burke (two shown above). Small bags $160 plus we have one medium one at $240 and two large bags at $280. Sue will have some at Leesburg and I will have the others, or you can snap them up by phone/email ahead of the market if you can’t make it (540-554-2312, f-fsolitude@mindspring.com).

4. Clara Parkes, author of The Knitter’s Review, The Book of Yarn and The Book of Wool, is having a yarn making adventure starting in January. I had my nose just slightly out of joint when I read about this, Now Clara, who has been a great supporter of Solitude Wool, is a competitor? But I talked myself back around, of course we want more people making yarn from good farm sources! This adventure centers around wool from one farm in New York. I got to meet the shepherd two years ago, and although I haven’t been to the farm, I think he is pretty amazing. So, I signed up to follow Clara transform this “Great Bale” into yarn. You can follow too by signing up for a members-only protected section of her web site. Sue and I live this adventure, and I think it ought to be pretty interesting to knitters/yarn users to see what it takes to make small batch artisan yarns in the US.

Okay, that’s it for now…off for more cheerful efficiency (I think I can!)


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