Solitude Wool 2013: January back to market


A brief announcement about Farmers Markets:

We will be back to the Falls Church Farmers Market this Saturday, January 5th. The market is starting the winter hours: opening at 9:00 am (and boy do I appreciate it!). We will probably be in a new place at the market and I won’t know where until directed on Saturday morning. Look for our polka dot tent top…or just racks of yarn. We will be there!

Then, Sunday, January 6th we will be at the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market. This market also has winter hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. So civilized! We will be in our regular spot on the street.

And then for the rest of the winter our plan is to be at both these markets every other weekend:

Jan: 19th & 20th

Feb: 2 & 3 16 & 17

Mar: 2 & 3 16 & 17 30 & 31

And, as you now know if you are a farmers market customer…we bow out if it is raining…or if the roads are icy. So, if we have to miss a weekend, we might just pop in the following one to make up. I will always (at least if I am able, power outage might prevent it) put a notice on our web site if I cannot make it when scheduled.

There are bunches of other things going on:

• getting it together to put new yarn on cones for weaving up on the web site…we are late! sorry…

• will be adding the Targhee 2 yarn to the web site very soon too

• also getting information/labels ready to introduce another new yarn: Montadale baby. Really nice.

• planning our next Solitude Wool Field Day: Tunis. Date and time to be determined

I’ll announce them all as soon as we pull it together.

Thank you,

Happy New Year!!!!

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