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solitude wool
it starts on the farm

We are two Loudoun County, Virginia shepherds who love wool — Gretchen Frederick and Sue Bundy.

Both hand-spinners, we are taking what we’ve learned making yarn from our own flocks to create a range of special breed specific yarns from sheep raised locally.

Each fleece that goes into our yarn is hand selected by us. Different breeds of sheep grow different types of wool: from soft Fine wools, Medium wools and springy Down types, to lustrous Longwools and Primitive double coated fleeces. Keeping our batches small and breed specific lets us design each yarn to exemplify the character of the fiber.

The color that comes from the sheep is truly the most beautiful… but we can’t resist hand dyeing some of the yarn. Solitude treats dyeing as art—each dye lot is inspired not controlled. We don’t repeat dye lots, so we suggest buying  more than you think you need. We will buy back any unopened skeins.

We hope you love working with our yarn…there are sheep nearby that worked hard to grow such good wool.


I’m Gretchen Frederick. My partner Joan Ferenczy and I have lived here at Solitude since 1991. We both have been growing garlic and our own vegetables, raising sheep and goats and appreciating it’s beauty and all the frogs, birds and assorted wild life (except the ground hogs which we do not appreciate) that also live here.


I am the spinner/dyer/weaver/ex-designer part of the farm.

You can contact me by phone at:
or by email at:


I’m Sue Bundy is the primary wool buyer and she also creates mill spun yarns along with me. Sue Bundy operates RedGate Farm in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband Bill.

If you have fiber to sell, contact Sue at:
or by email at:

Sue with ewe and lamb.