We have a few patterns designed specifically for our yarns available here as downloadable pdf's. There are also links to other sites selling patterns designed for our yarns and we are going to build some links to patterns we think are great for our yarns even if they weren't written specifically for them. Do you have suggestions?? Send us an email!

Scarves and shawls

Great one or two skein patterns. Refresh your fall and winter wardrobe, or make them for special handmade gifts that connect back to local farms.

Click here for our scarf and shawl patterns and more information.

Hats and gloves

Check out our Solitude Dots pattern, or order the kit on the Montadale woolen page.  Links to other hat  and mitten patterns designed by Kathy Owens. We will have more soon.

Click here for our hat and glove patterns and more information.



Vests and sweaters

Two original vest patterns designed for our yarns. Take a look, one is a simple to knit tunic and the other is more traditional and more challenging.  

Click here for our vest and sweater patterns and more information.


No patterns yet, but Gretchen highly recommends Charlene Schurch’s book: Sensational Knitted Socks. It will show you stitch by stitch how to knit a sock, even if you are a beginning knitter.

Click here for our sock patterns and more information.

Miscellaneous patterns

Newly revised and updated, the felted bucket bag pattern is easy to knit and stronger than any knit to felt bag you’ve tried (the Karakul yarn is the magic ingredient). 

Click here for our miscellaneous patterns and more information.