If you would like to know more about types of wool, their properties, and the breeds check out our Types of Wool page.

All Solitude yarns start with hand selected fleeces either from our own sheep or from other small flocks in the Chesapeake watershed region (local). We design the yarns to highlight the characteristics of the particular fiber and work in quite small batches-from one fleece to 200 pounds. This means you will get a unique and well designed yarn.


two ply lace weight


Lovely undyed black alpaca is blended with just enough Merino wool to give this lace weight yarn a little elasticity. It comes in undyed black and three subtle color variations created with dyed in the wool Merino. Elegant and very soft to make something special. 


and Horned Dorset

3-ply sock


One of the most common white-faced sheep breeds in the US, Dorset and horned Dorset are primarily raised for meat The Down type fleece is springy, spongy and perfect for cushiony, comfortable socks. This yarn is finer than our earlier boot sock weight yarns with only the rare slub or imperfection. Most handpainted colors have primary background color with short run accents creating spiraled stripes.


Three-ply fine


2 Fine
This breed was developed in Idaho by the USDA in 1926 and is fairly unusual in the East. Targhee is a Fine Wool, very soft with lots of elasticity and loft. It has a matte appearance with an opalescent quality. We’ve added 20% nylon for strength and washability. Suitable for next-to-skin: scarves, shawls, socks, light sweaters and baby wear.  now on sale 


Montadale light


2 Fine
Montadale is a modern US breed with Medium wool. It was developed by crossing Cheviot with Columbia cross sheep breeds. This two-ply, woolen spun yarn is very versatile, light and soft. We’ve added 10% nylon to improve washability. Great for baby things or light weight knitting.

previously Montadale baby


Border Leicester Sport

two-ply sport weight


A Longwool breed with Roman noses, these sheep were developed in the 18th century in the borderlands between England and Scotland (hence the name). “Ma” and the flock in the movie Babe are Border Leicester sheep. This is a great sweater, scarf or jacket yarn. It has beautiful lustre and drape. 

Available in undyed white or gray and nature dyed colors.



Icelandic sheep grow a fleece with a long outer coat and a soft under down in one of the widest range of natural colors in the sheep world. The yarn is soft with a glowing lustre and not much elasticity. Yarn is semi-worsted spun, 2-ply, weight varies by color.  



RedGate Farm raises Karakuls; they are a heritage breed of fat tailed sheep that have a hair outercoat and a down undercoat. This is traditionally a wool used for rugs, but makes great bags, boots etc.One of the best felting wools. Semi-worsted spun, 2-ply; available in three natural colors plus semi-solids.  

Tarhgee 2

Targhee is a Fine wool, soft and elastic.The breed was developed in Idaho in 1926, one of the newest in America. An easy to like, not scratchy yarn designed (and dyed) with kids and color work in mind. Two-ply, woolen spun, this yarn is great for sweaters and hoodies, hats and mittens, kids wear, throws etc. 

Corriedale & Corriedale cross


A blend of pure bred Corriedale wool with Corridale/Lincoln cross bred fleeces; this is a Medium wool spun into a medium yarn…great all around knitting yarn suitable for a wide variety of projects. Woolen spun, two ply, worsted weight with lots of bulk and elasticity. The undyed yarn is a light, warm gray with heathery texture, dyed solids and hand-painted colors. 

Montadale woolen

This is the true woolen yarn, spun on the last mule spinner in the U.S., using long draw spin to trap air for extra warmth for light weight. Montadale is a modern U.S. breed with Medium wool. Fast to knit wonderfully squishy and a great yarn for hats, shawls, throws…everything to give you warmth and comfort. 


semi-worsted spun


Semi-worsted spun, a more traditional spinning method for longwool, this yarn dyes beautifully, is silky in feel and almost glows. A 2-ply aran weight that will give great stitch definition and drape to your knitting.  



This is a good all-purpose, woolen spun, knitting yarn: worsted weight, medium strong. The handpaints in this batch of yarn are dyed with one anchor stripe color and the rest of the skein is dyed randomly. Only the anchor color will be consistent in color and pattern from beginning to end of the individual skeins or between all the skeins in the batch. 




Corriedale is the breed developed in New Zealand by crossing Merino (fine) with English longwool sheep to create a fleece that is one of the most versatile. This is a woolen spun, bulky 2-ply. Perfect for a heavy sweater…slipper clogs, jacket or pillows. Available in natural white and hand dyed colors. 

Yarns on cones

Some breeds of sheep grow wool that has traditionally been used for weaving yarns. We are now offering some yarns made from those breeds designed specifically for weaving. Some of our yarns for knitting or crochet also work for weft, and some also for warp, so we will offer them on cones in this section.